About OkeOzark Winery

100 Year Old Family Farm
Hayes family owned farm, vineyard and winery located in the Oklahoma Ozarks. Country folk who enjoy a good quality traditional wine created from old family recipes.
When you taste our wine for the first time, you will instantly realize it isn't a California or Italian wine, but a good old fashion wine like grandma used to make. It reminds one of the simpler and sweeter times living in the hills of the Ozarks long ago.

Our History
Our journey began in 1916 when the Hayes family moved from the Arkansas Ozarks to the Oklahoma Ozarks. They settled and worked the land that has remained in the Hayes family since 1916. This is the farm the vineyard was planted and cultivated on. This is where the OkeOzark Winery began.
For this generation, being raised with Grandma’s homemade wine and working the land made us recall memories of days gone by of love and happiness. Even as we were picking first grapes from fields it was clear to us that our hearts wanted more than to grow grapes, it instead was driving us to carefully craft them into wines like our ancestors did. The search began through old boxes and memories recalled of helping Grandma make her wine for the recipes used today. Having roots that extend through Ozark moonshine days, we were able to recover recipes that our families used all the way back to 1880. Love of the land, farm and keeping the traditions of our ancestors alive are what drives us to create the best quality traditional wines from the heart.
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